Saturday, December 29, 2012

LM Photography: Featuring Hermitism

(Click the photo for high resolution)

(Click the photo for high resolution)
It's time to clean the white wash and take the bitter taste than the sugar coating. It's time to lick the hidden mayo in the sandwich. It's time to wake up, grab your dream by the hair and subdue it like a masochistic bitch that she is. It's time to be brave or,in my case, braver. It's time to share and kiss goodbye to despair. It's time to be brave. --Herminio Evandro

Photographed by Lord Michael Angeles (LM Photography)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

LookBook: Bad Boy Gone Good

This is my new look with my new hair for new year -- And, I am so ready for 2013. About it, I think everyone loves it, so do I. Anyways, I want to say thank you to my friend, Duane Bacon for this shoot. He is the man! He did the styling and the photography for our first LookBook project. I cannot wait to work with him again! KUDOS~

Don't forget to visit my LookBook and hype the look you guys! Click here!
About the look: Bandanna (Bench), + Sign (Personalized necklace), gray polo (Oxygen), Sando (Converse), skinny black pants (Oxygen) and black boots (Rugged Outback).

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's Official, Merry Christmas / Mariah Carey (Wet paint)

Raping this! Watch it you guys.. Advance Mariah Carey! I mean, Merry Christmas!

I can't get enough of this.. Been listening to this all day.. And, i just wanna share how great Mariah Carey in this version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" with Jimmy Fallon and The roots.. Another wonderful performance from the biggest selling female artist of all time.. Enjoy!