Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Personal: Bianca The Shih Tzu

It’s time for me to introduce to you guys the prettiest dog ever existed in this world, that’s for me, because she is my fur baby. Her name is Bianca! She is 3-months, turning 4 on the 7th of March. She is almost 3.5lbs and getting bigger and fluffier. She’s so adorable!

I bought her dresses from Odra Pooch Couture (Pet Express, Cubao Branch). Bianca loves every ensemble especially the ‘Tinkerbelle costume’..

She knows a lot of tricks now like sit, stay, up, and down and it did help me with her first photo which turns out really festive! Lovin’ the photos!

Check her blogspot -- http://biancatheshihtzu.blogspot.com/~

I made her very own page.. Visit and like Bianca The Shih Tzu (www.facebook.com/BiancaTheShihTzu) on facebook for more of her! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LookBook: Put Your Glasses On

(Click the photo for high resolution)

This is my usual errand look. The fact that its very comfortable, you can wear it from day to night. This proved that my boots never go wrong. It gives accent to whatever i am wearing. Like on this particular look, i am wearing a plain black top and simple gray pants and it looked amazing on me. At least for me..
(Click the photo for high resolution)
Eye glasses (Tony Morgan Eyewear), top (Blued), gray pants (Folded and Hang), + Sign (Personalized necklace), and black boots (Rugged Outback).